Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Truly D'oh! Moment

I'm one of those young women you see crocheting on the train, the subway, the passenger seat of my boyfriends car, in the waiting room at the mechanics, just about anywhere I can get away with it. So of course, I was busily hooking it on the metro today, hooking as in crocheting, not the other hooking, when a man sitting next to me just could not stop coughing. As I was envisioning his cough germs invading my air space and being inhaled into my lungs, he suddenly took a break from coughing to remark that he'd never seen anyone knitting on the Metro before. I didn't correct him, I smiled politely and said, Oh I do it all the time, it's a nice way to pass the time. Then directly put my eyes back on my project hoping he wouldn't talk to me again. But he did. He asked if I made the hat I was wearing and I replied that I had and he said it looked very nice. I replied with a polite smile and a thank you and directly put my eyes back on my project and he continued with his coughing attack and reading his book. As I reflected on this exchange it occured to me that such an instance was the reason I had just printed out a hundred business cards and stored them in my new business card holder from and that I had just let an opportunity to promote my shop to a complete stranger slip through my fingers! D'oh!