Saturday, April 12, 2008

Drop Spinning

I treated myself to a new toy a few weeks ago and bought a drop spindle kit from mainewoodsyarn on etsy. I've never spinned at all but I love the idea of making my own products from beginning to end one day. I watched some videos on youtube to get an idea of how to spin using a drop spindle but the directions that came with the kit were simple and easy to understand.

The kit came with four rolls of roving. The first was an undyed bit of practice roving. By the time I finished that one I was hooked. It's going to take a lot of practice to get better, but then, doesn't everything?


Anonymous said...

Oh you will love drop spindle spinning. I do it all the time. You might find it easier if you cut a notch in your spindle. I for the life of me can't spin any length of time without the notch. It's so addicting!

casablynn said...

Thanks for the tip Helen :)